Super Heros Unite!

Want to learn about the most sustainable house in the world and help a fellow student share this knowledge with the world? Then your in the right place!

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Im offering a free download of my Earthship Intro Guide E-book for any Super Hero Academy Student who would like give me some constructive feedback on my current project. I’m creating an 8-part video to accompany my pre-existing book about Earthship houses. All you have to do is claim your free download, read the E-book, review the script and give some feedback. Cool? Cool!


Step 1: Claim Your Free E-book

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Step 2: Read the script

Click the link below to view the script. Keep in mind that it is a draft and not %100 complete. I will be updating it as the project evolves, with your feedback of course!

Step 3: What did you think?

Please use the comments function (top right) to answer the questions Ive written in the script and add any comments you might have.

Feel free to contact me on FB if you have any ideas, questions or want to chat!