Hey I noticed that you like sustainable housing and have blogged/posted about Earthships!


Let me introduce you to the first and only build-able Earthship model that includes the most up-to-date and easy to understand information about these inspirational homes, straight from an Earthship Academy graduate.

The story: My name is Eric Ficinus. I am an Earthship Academy graduate who, for the last 4 years, has studied the techniques used in Earthship homes designed by architect Michael Reynolds. I have lived in numerous Earthships houses and have experience from 10+hands-on builds in places such as New Mexico, Vermont and New York.

The project: I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and turned it into an easy-to-understand book to teach people how these houses work. The best part is, the book includes a miniature build-able paper model Earthship house.

The Product: The model is a scaled down, detailed replica of a 900 sqft Earthship home. It’s easy to build with the included step-by-step graphic instructions. PLUS The models can be combined infinitely to make any size home, an eco-village or even an eco-city!

The info booklet comes as both a paperback booklet and E-book. The E-book doubles as a power point presentation for teachers/enthusiasts to use in their classes/presentations.

*Printed in the USA and made of recycled material.

The campaign: I’ve created a crowdfunding campaign. Individuals can get a model starting as low as $10USD. There is even a classroom set, allowing teachers to select the quantity that is right for their classroom size. This project is live now, details below:

Kickstarter.com: View the campaign by clicking here.
Shortened link: bit.ly/earthshipmodelkitPR
Friday November 11th- Saterday Dec 10th
30 days
Funding Type:
All-or-Nothing (we must reach our goal or we receive zero funds)

If you would prefer I post this information myself on a forum or message board on your website/blog please let me know.

Eric Ficinus