The worlds most self-sustainable home, in the palm of your hand.

Live in an Earthship and...

Pay no monthly bills

Grow food in your year-round indoor garden in any climate

Live in a house made of recycled materials

EMK assembly
  • 11 pieces of pre-cut paper pieces

  •  Easy to Assemble!

  • No scissors needed, just pop out and assemble! 

  • Builds one 900sqft "Global Model" Earthship Home

This is the education that is needed to prepare people for a type of living that is much more appropriate than what we’re experiencing now
— Earthship creator Michael Reynolds

  •  32 page full color booklet

  • Unique all new diagrams 

  • Easy to understand information

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“This is the best thing since Earthships”
— Matthias Wright
  • Models can be combined infinitely to make your dream home, an eco-village or even an Earthship city!