Graphic Design/animation:

As a graphic based educational effort, Earthshipmodelkit is looking for designers in the construction/creation of elements such as instruction booklets, info booklet layouts, graphic design and much more.


Do you have a blog, magazine, youtube channel, film crew, website or other avenue to spread world changing ideas?

Crowd funding:

Had experience with your own crowd-funding campaign? Our team seeks individuals with a desire to see inspirational projects come to life.


Our team is open to new manufacturing relationships, especially those which use recycled/natural materials. Particularly looking for, but not limited to, manufacturers who work with recycled/natural papers or ink, recycled/hemp plastics and alternative packaging solutions.


With the No.1 purpose being education, we are looking for teachers, individuals and administrators to bring this educational tool to students around the world.


Is English your second, third, fourth language? Would you like to see this information distributed in your language in your country?


We put in this category for those who just simply want to help, even if they are not the ones doing the helping. We see administrators as a wide spectrum of networkers, communicators and just "get it done" people.