Missed the campaign? No problem! 

Presenting Earthship Model Kit:

The worlds most self-sustainable home, in the palm of your hand.

Earthships are the world's most self-sustainable homes, providing their inhabitants with everything they need with no monthly bills. Most famous for being built with recycled materials such as tires, cans and glass bottles. 

They use a unique combination of techniques that utilize the natural phenomenon of the planet, instead of using fossil fuels and depending on centralized systems.

This is the education that is needed to prepare people for a type of living that is much more appropriate than what we’re experiencing now
— Earthship creator Michael Reynolds

EMK assembly

  • 11 pieces of pre-cut paper pieces

  • Builds one 900sqft "Global Model" Earthship Home 

  • No scissors needed, just pop out and assemble! 

  •  32 page full color booklet

  • Unique all new diagrams 

  • Easy to understand information

  • Models can be combined infinitely to make your dream home, an eco-village or even an Earthship city!  

“This is the best thing since Earthships”
— Matthias Wright